Zama Board Game

“Thought provoking… a fun two player board game” -The McGill Daily

“A beautiful game of strategy and foresight, Zama is our generation’s response to Chess” -The McGill Gamer’s Guild

zama close shot

Think you’d make a great general? Prove it.

In Zama, you command an army of thousands. Skillfully maneuver your legions through terrain unique to each game as you struggle to gain the upper hand. Ensure a crushing victory through combat by outmaneuvering enemy legions. Or, use stealth to assassinate the opposing commander and end the war.


  • Realtime strategy means that you never have to wait for your opponent’s move
  • The variable board makes every new game a new strategic and tactical puzzle
  • The combat system is the volatile heart of Zama, and offers a second chance at victory for the flagging opponent that executes clever move orders and combat formations.
  • There is no ‘first player’, and thus, no ‘first player advantage’
  • Comes in (at least) two sizes, to accommodate those looking for a quick 15 minute game as well as for those looking a more epic confrontation
  • Strategies in the game are open ended and reward creativity, complexity and experimentation
  • Contains no language component aside from the rules, allowing players of different cultures to play together easily

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You can read a review of Zama here. To see more about the game, check out our facebook page, or this fundraiser that launched Zama’s first printing. You can also read the rules here.

For now, only a few wooden handmade copies of the game are available for purchase ($80.00, shipping included). If you want to buy one, email us at We’re currently developing a web-based mobile app, and afterwards we aim to develop a more commercial version of the board game.

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