Game Analysis Blog Introduction


In this blog I will analyze board games from various theoretical perspectives. Each post will analyze a particular sub-issue within a category such as Continuums, Rules, Balance, Design Goals, Win Conditions, or Models. Most of the initial posts will discuss its topics very briefly and generally, in the hopes that I will be able carry out more surgical examinations in the future. In all of my entries I will reference published board games, both to situate the discussion in real-life, and to illustrate the myriad of approaches to resolving any design problem.

I don’t have a degree in game design, but I am familiar with a considerable number of board games and have designed a few.  My goal with this blog is nothing more than to teach myself about game design through active exploration and experimentation of its topics. You are welcome to participate actively in the process. If there is something you think I got wrong, or should reconsider, or if there is a topic that you have something to add to, please respond in the comments section. Your (courteous) criticism is welcomed.

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