Ghost: a deal making party game


6+ Players, 15 minutes, Ages 8+

Materials required: a bunch of anything. Examples: toothpicks, pennies, pebbles. These will be spells.

Win condition: Be the last player left alive!


Each round, players divide into pairs. New pairings are made each round (when possible).  First, players will have an opportunity to make a deal with their partner during negotiations. Afterwards, players will have chance to cast spells on each other. Finally, players will reveal their true nature! Depending on what both partners reveal, they may become ghosts, receive spells, level up, or simply survive to play the next round!


Round Structure

1) Form New Pairs

2) Negotiate!

3) Cast Spells!

4) Reveal Your True Nature!

Reveal Your True Nature!

Here, player pairs simultaneously reveal a number of their choosing between 0 and 3.

3 beats 2, 2 beats 1, 1 beats 0 and 3. Any other combination of numbers co-exist peacefully while players are at the same level.

If you choose ‘0’ and survive, you get a spell. A spell can be spent once in any following round to take away one of your opponent’s choices in the encounter. For example, if you spend one of your spells on an opponent, you can prevent them from choosing ‘2’, if you wish. If you spend four of your spells on an opponent, you take away all of their choices and immediately beat  them.

If you beat your opponent, they become your ghost and will haunt you until you are beaten yourself or win the game. Your ghosts serve two functions: they indicate how many times you’ve leveled up, and they ensure that no other player will take you at your word during negotiations. If you beat someone with ghosts, they and their ghosts now belong to you.

Leveling Up:  During the encounter if you are a higher level than your partner when you both choose 2, you both choose 3, or you both choose 4, you beat them!



Here, partners may attempt to make a deal with one another by agreeing to both reveal a ‘0’. However, there is nothing except your opponent’s word to prevent them from betraying you!


Cast Spells!

Here, players simultaneously reveal the number of spells they wish to spend. Then, if both players choose to spend spells, they simultaneously reveal which numbers to confiscate. Players confiscating two numbers will use two hands, and a player confiscating three numbers should reveal the one number they aren’t confiscating. If only one player is using spells, they just say which numbers they are confiscating.


Odd Numbers of Players

Whenever there is an odd number of players, one group of three will be formed, with the oldest person acting as Fortune Teller. Their job is to predict whether there will be at least one death (by revealing a 1) or no deaths (by revealing a 0) between their two assigned players in the encounter phase. If they are right, they get a spell. If they are wrong, they lose a spell (if possible). Each player should only be fortune teller once per game unless all other surviving players have already also been fortune teller.


Designed by Quinn Brander

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