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Quinn Brander is a 24 year old game designer and musician hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. He holds a Bachelor of Music from McGill University and has recorded high budget commercial albums with a number of folk acts (Folly and the Hunter, Lakes of Canada, Heirloom). He plays modern board games for fun and really enjoys ancient history, and these two interests combined to create Zama. Aside from Zama, he has designed two other board games.



Timothy Sample is a 25 year old programmer hailing from rural Saskatchewan. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Regina,  and has written programs for a number of projects over the years, including software for academic libraries, add-ons for Microsoft Excel, websites, extended web applications and midi sequencing tools. His current job involves everything from designing user experiences to managing a database of financial information. Tim codes the Zama App in his spare time, and has already made considerable progress. The project should reach a a playable alpha stage by June or July 2015. Tim also plays banjo with style.




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